Rock and Roll Deluxe-Stingray Straps!

It's Cool

Stingray is the perfect, exotic leather for guitar straps. It is Rock and Roll. Cool, sleek, strong and beautiful can only come close to describing this elegant and rugged leather. Stingray is Rock and Roll Deluxe. However, the number one reason it is "Rock and Roll", is because great stingray straps are RARE...they are scarce!!


Now, stingray skin has been used for generations by a wide variety of cultures and for many different items. Some of those items include armor, sword handles, furniture, wallets and shoes.  From Asia to North America, stingray skin has gained popularity over the centuries and finds it's earliest origins in Japan. So it is by no means a "new" thing...but scarcity has many reasons. 


Stingray, amongst the exotic leathers used by the craftsmen and designers at Ethos, is by far the most difficult to work fact, it is a large pain in the tailpiece. It smells like burning fish when you sand it, it breaks needles when you sew it and it is pretty darn expensive. All of these reasons lend to this leather not being found everywhere. 



So why? Why go exotic...and stingray? Well, because it is just cool. It shines. It is iridescent under lights...and the most obvious, like most exotics, it is heirloom-quality. It will be here in it is virtually indestructible. You will pass this strap down to your children, or grandchildren. 

Ethos only uses authentic Stingray leather, legally imported into the U.S. and meets all CITES guidelines and stringent standards. 

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