Mithril Flame Guitar Strap

Mithril Flame Guitar Strap

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Ember…fire….blaze...all wonderful words used to describe Flames. Ethos brings this new flame design to life with a mystical metal edge…thus the “Mithril Flame” guitar strap is born. Set up on a satin black base, the Merlot infused, scarlet cowhide gives the Ethos flame a rich depth, while the legendary Mithril edge drop shadow gives the flame a defined and sharp detail. Silver stitching adds just the right texture and contrast…a hallmark trademark of Ethos guitar straps. Ethōs signature 3.18mm comfort-crafted padding is backed with a, Super Soft, glove-soft cow lining for maximum player comfort.

Width: Available in 2.5 inch, 3 inch and 3.5 inch widths

Length: Adjustable from 45” – 56”.

The photo listed represents a near-exact replica; however, due to lighting, dye, tanning and distressing process variances, the actual products ordered may vary slightly.

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