Vitrinox Guitar Strap

Vitrinox Guitar Strap

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Most Ethos guitar straps can be customized to a specific width, length, color changes or adding initials. Please contact us with your custom requests before ordering.  Failure to contact us with custom requests before placing your order can delay your order or having the incorrect order being shipped. 

Brother of Vermillius, this strap draws the influence of its unique name from the Latin words virtues meaning glass and nox meaning night to help give the imagery of beautiful black onyx. Jet Black leather serves as a deep base for the rich black overlay leathers that make it as dark as the night. Black matte faux gator sits proudly atop a black suede overlay and is complimented by a brentwood black overlay at the end. Each layer is highlighted by a gunmetal stitching drop shadow and black overlay stitching while being outlined by black stitching around the perimeter of the body and jet black tailpiece. Ceremoniously completing the strap are six antique nickel studs akin to the inlayed gems of a legendary sword.

Ethos’ signature 3.18mm comfort-crafted padding is then positioned and backed by a strong yet supple glove-soft, pebble-grained Buffalo leather lining for maximum player comfort.

Width: 3” inches.
Length: Adjustable from 45” – 56”.

The photo listed represents a near-exact replica; however, due to lighting, dye, tanning and distressing process variances, the actual products ordered may vary slightly.

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