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Hello all of our FAITHFUL patrons! Quick update, we have currently moved buildings and our phone number HAS CHANGED. The phone number below is the correct phone number for right now. PLEASE let us apologize for  the delay on some of your orders. This move was to another state and there have been so many mountains that we have had to climb to get back up and running. Production is back in full force now. So all orders that are late please know they will start being shipped out by tomorrow and go in to the early part of next week. Also, If your order was one of the effected orders please know that you will be receiving a $50 refund by us. We have already started processing some of the refunds so if you have not received yours yet please know it is on the way. 


We pride our-self on our customer service and our speed in getting orders to our amazing customers. So this has been a gut punch for us as well as you! We are doing everything in our power to make this right. So thank you to all of you who have been patient with us during this rough time. We are coming out on top and we will be a better company because of it. 


If you have any further questions or request please call or text the phone number below. You can also send an email to the email listed below. Thank you all so much for everything! Without Y'ALL there would be no ETHOS. For that we owe you the WORLD. 



218 Towson Avenue

Fort Smith, Arkansas 72901


(the map below is not accurate but will be updated ASAP)