FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can Ethos Guitar Straps be used with a bass, electric and acoustic guitar? 

Absolutely. At a width of 3 inches, players of all types of guitars feel that this is a middle of the line width that works for all guitars.  However, if you prefer a narrower or wider strap, contact us and we can customize the width to your specific needs.  


Can Ethos Guitar straps be used as a headstock strap? 

Yes. Ethos offers an additional tie and loop that attaches to all Ethos straps and wraps around the headstock.  


Are Ethos straps padded/comfortable? 

Yes, Ethos Guitar Straps are padded with our signature 3.18mm comfort crafted padding and are considered the most comfortable straps in the market. 


Do Ethos straps slide/stick when being worn?

Ethos Straps are lined/backed with the perfect leather for most any style of guitar playing.  Our lining leathers have been sourced from the finest tannery's in the world and are finished with a unique blend of smooth and matte finishes.  Tested through the years by our designers as well as some of the finest players in the world, we believe we have the best solution for all players who want that "no-grab" and "not too slick" performance.  

Can Ethos straps be made at a wider width?

Yes.  Our straps are offered at 2.5, 3 and 3.5 inch widths.  Our basic strap measures 3 inches wide.  A different width may be requested by contacting us at support@ethoscustombrands.com before placing your order.  


Can Ethos straps be made to adjust to a longer/shorter length?

Yes.  Our straps may be customized to a variety of lengths.  Please contact us at support@ethoscustombrands.com before placing your order to request additional length.  

Can Ethos Guitar Straps be customized?

Yes.  Ethos offers a wide variety of customization options from widths, lengths, monogramming, color variations, logos, laser engraving and much much more.  Contact us at support@ethoscustombrands.com or at 918- 790-2956.  


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