Heavenspyre Guitar Strap

Heavenspyre Guitar Strap

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Designed in the vain of monarch regalia the Heavenspyre guitar strap gleams with the radiance of earthen toned colors. Olive green leather stretches out over the bone suede base, like an elegant ascending tower stretching toward the heavens, while a loamy green drop shadow accentuates the fine curves. Champagne stitching blends beautifully around the strap profile, matching tailpiece and alluring design while antique nickel studs are strategically placed with a stunning, rustic rivet at it’s center.

Ethos' 3.18mm comfort-crafted padding is then positioned and backed by strong yet supple glove-soft, pebble-grained platinum Buffalo leather lining for maximum player comfort.
Width - This item is available in 2.5, 3 (standard) and 3.5 Inches Wide.  

Length: Adjustable from 45 - 56 inches

The photo listed represents a near-exact replica; however, due to lighting, dye, tanning and distressing process variances, the actual products ordered may vary slightly.

Most Ethos guitar straps can be customized to a specific width, length, color changes or adding initials. Please contact us with your custom requests! We can also customize a completely new design based on your request and ideas.

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