Roverdawn Guitar Strap

Roverdawn Guitar Strap

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Many a weary traveler needs the proper supplies for their long trek and wondering musicians need a comfortable strap to go with them on their journey, the designers at Ethos bring you the RoverDawn guitar strap for just such a person. Relic brown cowhide is inlayed into blade inspired designs that are separated by Ethos’ signature three antique brass studs and all is housed by a deep coffee-brown base leather. Showcasing gold stitching for a rich drop shadow while champagne and dark brown herring bone stitching adds another layer of texture to the design. Finally champagne stitching runs around the strap profile and relic brown tailpiece to create a guitar strap of distressed regalia.

Ethos’ signature 3.18mm comfort-crafted padding is then positioned and backed by a strong yet supple glove-soft, pebble-grained Buffalo leather lining for maximum player comfort.

Width: Available in 2.5 inch, 3 inch and 3.5 inch widths

Length: Adjustable from 45” – 56”.

The photo listed represents a near-exact replica; however, due to lighting, dye, tanning and distressing process variances, the actual products ordered may vary slightly.


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